Our customers include people with rental properties or larger gardens that take up time. They also include people who need help with the tougher tasks or are just too busy to spend time on the garden.

Regular Maintenance
Our horticulturist will meet you to view your garden and discuss your needs. He will then suggest the length of visits required and the frequency. Visits are normally a minimum of 2 hours to ensure you get best value from each visit.
We recognise that the volume of work will change with the seasons and we will recommend when visits should be cut down or increased.

One-off Visits
These are useful for seasonal jobs such as pruning/planting, or if the customer just wants the garden back in a manageable state to continue maintaining it themselves.
They are also a good idea if you are selling or have just bought a house and want to get your garden looking its best for visitors.

For smaller jobs our horticulturist will arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and carry out the work at the same time.
For larger jobs or a complete garden tidy-up he may visit first to get a better idea of the work involved and assess whether extra resources are required. This will also give you a clearer idea of costs.

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